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5 Key Lessons For Ruto From The 2020 US Elections

Now that almost all the major media houses in the US have declared Joe Biden the winner, it is time to look at some lessons Ruto could pick ...

Now that almost all the major media houses in the US have declared Joe Biden the winner, it is time to look at some lessons Ruto could pick from the 2020 US elections. Why Ruto, you may be wondering?

Well, William Ruto is a Deputy President and a frontrunner for the 2022 election just like Joe Biden was. And just like Joe Biden, Ruto will be running against a candidate that enjoys the support of the incumbency.  

The similarities aside, what can Ruto learn from Joe Biden's victory as we head into 2022? In this post, I'll share 5  key lessons from the US elections that Ruto needs to take in. 

A Radical narrative

Democrats started an anti-Trump campaign even before he was sworn in after 2016. And while that might have looked premature or vindictive, it helped create a narrative that Trump was bad for America. 

So consistent was the anti-Trump crusade that other nations also started believing that Trump was actually bad for the world. End result? Over 74 million Americans (the highest in the history of that country) voted to get rid of Trump. 

Where is the lesson for Ruto in this case? 

Ruto is actually on the receiving side since 2018. Both the opposition and elements within the Jubilee government have dedicated time and resources to paint Ruto as the worst leader alive. Instead of sitting pretty believing Kenyans won't buy into the Anti-Ruto narrative, he should turn the tables and come up with  a radical narrative

Let for once people know how bad Ruto's opponents are for the country.  

Gifted Campaigners

However endowed, you can't do everything by yourself. Joe Biden, for instance, wasn't the most inspiring during campaigns. Biden's messages weren't the most convincing. In fact, they called him Sleepy Joe because he appeared not to have full control of his faculties. 

But Joe had something Trump didn't! Joe had honey-tongued campaigners like Obama. These gifted campaigners rallied the democrats and even some republicans around the candidate Joe Biden. They are more responsible for Joe's victory. 

What can Ruto pick from that?

William Ruto must now identify gifted national campaigners and set up a formidable grassroots network. These are to do Ruto's bidding in his absence. Otherwise, he will be overwhelmed soon! 

A Powerful Media

Nothing is as vital as the media. They may be wrong at predicting outcomes of elections, but extremely effective in changing public opinion. I can tell you that without the almost unanimous support of the media, both radical narrative and gifted campaigners would have availed very little or nothing. 

The media religiously covered every negative thing about Trump while turning a blind eye to all accusations against Joe. In the end, the democratic masses only knew how bad Trump was, and Joe Biden as the ONLY alternative. 

Should Ruto have a media that buries his sins and while exposing his opponents'?

No! That's not the lesson here. 

The thing is, you need the media to spread your narrative. With the current media against Ruto, his opponents look like saints while he's painted as the devil incarnate. So, he needs at least a TV and a newspaper to bring in some sense of balance. 

Remember, the media doesn't vote but they surely influence how millions vote. Especially, when they decide to run opinion polls. 

The bottom line, Ruto having the support of the media or starting his own media house is almost non-negotiable. 

Financial Muscle

You may have a great narrative but without finances, you are doomed to fail. Don't be deceived, elections are expensive everywhere. For instance, Joe Biden spent $500 million on advertisements in 2020 alone. As a matter of fact, Biden's campaign had to raise $1.51 billion for the 2020 elections.

Having a financial muscle is what gave the Democrats a fighting chance against a well-oiled Trump's Campaign. Without the money, you can't afford an effective grassroots campaign network let alone a loyal media!

The lesson for Ruto?

Ruto can't fight a state-sponsored candidate without some serious finances. Like I said, he will need to set up local campaign teams and have a well oiled national movement. All these require money.

Ruto needs to talk to friends and raise some money. Otherwise, it'll be hard to fight an opponent funded from state coffers! 

Huge Turnouts

Over 74 million voters turned out to vote in Joe Biden as President. That's the highest voter turnout in the history of the US. And that unprecedented turnout, ladies and gentlemen, won Joe the presidency.

Otherwise, Trump would have been easily reelected. 

How did Biden achieve the turnout? Well, he a direct appeal to his base and asked them to turn out and vote. His clarion call was that voting Trump out of office was an urgency! And his bases responded by voting early.

Anything for Ruto here?

Ruto needs an overwhelming voter turnout come 2020 to win the election. He must convince those who attend his rallies and block roads whenever he's in town to turn out and vote for him. This is only possible if the voters are motivated enough and see a Ruto presidency as a matter of national urgency!


To win an election, especially against an incumbent or someone enjoying their support, you must go far and beyond. You can't be comfortable and wait for the people to see how good you are and vote. 

An unstoppable narrative, a well-oiled campaign machine, and loyal media are must-haves for William Ruto as we approach 2020. That's the only way he can ensure higher voter turnout and win like Biden did. 

Please feel free to share your views via the comment box. You may also add some lessons you learnt from the 2020 US elections.

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  1. Ruto is just as equally as polarizing, abrasive and arrogant as Trump...that can work aganst him if he faces a more compromise popular candidate .state machinery too in Kenya can't be underestimated.